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In our quest to help create more meaningful lives for children with autism and their

families, we will always welcome all the help we can get. Here are some ways how

together we can all contribute to the cause.

Spread the Word

Be an advocate for for autism. Spread the word about Penawar Autism Resources on

your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or social media account. Let’s work together to

help even more people. For this to happen, more people need to know about us and

what we can do for them.

Children with autism and families must know that help is always at hand. Help us

reach out to them


Events, outings and get-togethers are invaluable to the development of autistic

children.There are never enough hands when it comes to running these activities for

them. We are forever on the lookout for kind-hearted souls who are will to help us

with these activities.

If you are one of these kind-hearted souls who are willing contribute some of your

time for these children, please call us. We will very much appreciate your help.

Adopt/Sponsor a Child

Some children are not as fortunate as others. This is a fact of life. Even though the

cost of our therapy is kept to the bare minimum, still, not every family can afford the

therapy that the child needs.

Thus, we humbly invite to you individuals or corporations to adopt/sponsor a needy

child and help them get the help they so desperately need.

For more information on how you can spread the word, volunteer or adopt/sponsor

a child, please call 0167231174 (AIN) . We will be waiting for

your call.