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When to Consult?

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that usually exhibits the following symptoms

  1. pronounced lack of interpersonal skills
  2. difficulty in communicating with others
  3. propensity for specific repetitive behavior

These are classic signs that a child is autistic. However, it is advisable to seek a consultation when your child displays exceptionally challenging behaviour.

What Happens During a Consultation?

The first part of the consultation will require the child to undergo a thorough assessment. This is to see if your child is actually autistic.

If found to be autistic, an Individualised Therapy Plan (ITP) will be formulated specifically for your child. Because autism is a spectrum disorder (each child’s combination of symptoms is unique and different from others) the ITP will be unique to to your child.

The ITP is a plan of action that schedules of the most appropriate therapy for your child given his or her special circumstances.

If during the consultation it is found the parent or guardian genuinely will not be able to afford the therapy, our staff will also help to identify possible funding options for your child’s treatment.

How to Arrange for a Consultation?

To schedule a consultation please call

  1. Syeren at +6016-7331326 ,
  2. Ruwinah at +60197135617 ,

We also look forward to working on a one-on-one basis .